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ND Home Propane Delivery Business

Perfect buy a job opportunity if you want to maximize cash flow where you get your money back in less than a year and all of the ~ $57k equipment is yours for free!

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Home Nightly Local Trucking Co.

This business has been a steady money maker for the owner operator for many years, and he has the books and records to back it up. Seller has every invoice on file for 2013, 2014, 2015. Working out of the same yard for the past 16 years, he does primarily just in time deliveries, with…
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Los Angeles High Net Tanker Trucking

The Company is a specialized transportation company that focuses on the petroleum industry and most types of liquid products. The purchase includes not only the goodwill, client base, driver base, and trade name but also a fleet of trucks (21) and trailers (16) worth about $1.86MM alone. The organization from the Owners to the drivers…
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