Buy a Business

Ace Business Brokers will be a critical source of leads and on ongoing partner on your deal team to source the perfect business you've been looking for. No matter the industry, geography, revenue thresholds or sales price targets you're after, you name it, we will deliver your ideal acquisition to you efficiently. Whether it's one of our existing sell-side engagements, we have to coordinate & cooperate with another third party firm, or you hire us formally to "go out and get it", we will stop at nothing in order to deliver a successful acquisition to you. If you are just on a passive search we can tailor our future new Seller announcements to you only in those industries & geographies you are interested in pursuing!

Please reach out to us at (800) 985-4939 to get started with a personal consultation, or email to start the initial conversation if none of our existing inventory hits all of your deal parameters.

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Buy Side Engagements

1)  Initial Consultation

  • Get to know your Company, your story, your needs & what makes up the perfect acquisition target for you.

2)  Draft Buy-Side Engagement Agreement

  • We define terms together explicitly on a per lead basis.  You have right of first refusal on ALL Seller that arise from the campaign that you bankroll.
  • For telemarketing campaigns - $1.25 per lead.  2 outbound calls minimum.
  • For direct mail campaigns - $1.00 per lead.  1 letter sent & 1 follow up call.
  • For email campaigns - $0.75 per lead.  2 emails sent - 60 days apart.
  • You own all the data.
  • Full transparency - we set up a googledoc so you can monitor all aspects of our campaign together.  We complete all campaigns within 60 days of down payment receipt.

3)  Data Mine Leads that Match Your Search Parameters

  • Using our proprietary lead sources we uncover as many targets as we can within the SIC code, revenue profile, geography, or any number of other parameters you so desire.
  • We finalize our lead count together.

4)  Secure payment for services

  • All Buy-side campaigns are paid in advance.

5)  Accountability Controls

  • Once payment clears, the 60 day clock starts.
  • We set up your custom Googledoc that has all of your leads and their corresponding "Next Action" and "Last Action" updates.

6)  Positive Lead Introduction

  • When we get a hit, we'll hit you up immediately to detail the prospect and figure out if it's something you wish to pursue.
  • Leads that are declined are processed as any other Seller.  If a closing occurs (with whomever) we reimburse 50% of your campaign costs as our way of saying Thank You!

7)  Facilitate a Successful Transaction

  • We provide all the same services on a Buy Side Engagement that we do on our Sell-side engagement above and guide the transaction to the finish line for you.  We advise the Seller that we are to be compensated only for a successful transaction only.